Healing Is Difficult
Healing Is Difficult cover
Album information
Artists: Sia
Released: 9 July 2001
Genre: Trip hop · alternative rock
Length: 64:56
Label: Columbia
Healing Is Difficult
Colour the Small One
Singles from Healing Is Difficult
  1. "Taken for Granted"
  2. "Little Man"
  3. "Drink to Get Drunk"

Healing Is Difficult is the second studio album by Sia, released on July 9, 2001 in United Kingdom and May 28, 2002 in the United States.

Background Edit

After the failure of Sia's previous album OnlySee, she signed to Sony Music's sub-label Dance Pool and released her debut single "Taken for Granted". The single peaked at number 10 on the UK Singles Chart. The next two singles "Little Man" and "Drink to Get Drunk" also charted. A fourth single "Blow It All Away", re-recorded as "Throw It All Away" due to the September 11 attacks, was planned, but wasn't released for unknown reasons. The album failed to chart in the UK due to lack of promotion. Unhappy with this, Sia fired her manager,[citation needed] left Sony Music, signed to Go! Beat Records, and started working on her third studio album, Colour the Small One.

The track "Soon" featured on Sia's debut album, OnlySee, was re-recorded as "Sober and Unkissed" for the album. "I'm Not Important to You" was originally performed by Sia as "Sia's Song" with Crisp for their album, The World and the Deal, in 1996.[1]

Track listing Edit

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "Fear" Sia Sia · Sam Frank 5:11
2. "Drink to Get Drunk" Sia · Frank Frank 4:41
3. "Taken for Granted" Sia Nigel Corsbie 4:35
4. "Blow It All Away" Sia · Blair MacKichan · Felix Howard · Kevin Armstrong MacKichan 4:40
5. "Get Me" Sia · Frank 3:13
6. "I'm Not Important to You" Sia · Frank 6:08
7. "Sober and Unkissed" Sia Sia · Jesse Flavell 4:01
8. "Healing Is Difficult" Sia · Frank 5:24
9. "Judge Me" Sia · Frank 4:15
10. "Little Man" Sia · Frank 6:04
11. "Insidiously" Sia · Frank 8:50
Total length: 64:56
UK edition bonus tracks
12. "Little Man" (Exemen Works) Sia · Frank 5:01
13. "Drink to Get Drunk" (Different Gear mix) Sia · Frank 7:54
Australian edition bonus track
12. "Drink to Get Drunk" (Different Gear remix) Sia · Frank 7:54
10th Anniversary Edition[2]
12. "Drink to Get Drunk" (Different Gear remix) Sia · Frank 7:54
13. "Taken for Granted" (Groove Chronicles remix) Sia Corsbie 5:19
14. "Taken for Granted" (Desert Eagles Discs mix) Sia Corsbie 4:19
15. "Taken for Granted" (Restless Soul remix) Sia Corsbie 7:02
16. "Taken for Granted" (Soul Brother remix) Sia Corsbie 5:22
17. "Taken for Granted" (Mvp remix) Sia Corsbie 4:58
18. "Judge Me" (Silksense remix) Sia · Frank 5:35
19. "Little Man" (Exemen Works) Sia · Frank 5:04

References Edit

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  2. "Healing Is Difficult (10th Anniversary Edition) [Deluxe Version] by Sia on iTunes". iTunes. Accessed on 2016-01-26.

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