1000 Forms of FearA SituationAcademia
AliveAll In Your HeadAsrep Onosim
Bad ReceiverBang My HeadBe Good to Me
Beautiful Calm DrivingBeautiful People (song)Beautiful Reality
Best Of...Big Girl Little GirlBig Girls Cry
Bird Set FreeBlameBlow It All Away
Breathe MeBring NightBroken Biscuits
Broken GlassBurn the PagesButterflies
ButtonsBye Bye ByeCalifornia Dreamin'
Candy Cane LaneCares at the DoorCatching On
CellophaneChandelierCheap Thrills
Clap Your HandsCloudColour the Small One
ConfettiDay Too SoonDeath By Chocolate
DiamondsDo I Expect To Be Rejected?Don't Bring Me Down
Don't Get Me StartedDon't Trust HimDressed in Black
Drink to Get DrunkDusk Till Dawn (song)Déjà Vu
Elastic HeartElectric BirdEver
Everyday Is Christmas (album)Eye of the NeedleFair Game
Fancy Me?FearFire Meet Gasoline
Fist Fighting a SandstormFootprintsFree Me
Free the AnimalGentlemenGet Me
Greg KurstinHealing Is DifficultHealing Is Difficult (song)
Ho Ho HoHold Me DownHold On
HostageHouse on FireHurting Me Now
I'm Not Important to YouI'm in HereITunes Live from Sydney
ITunes Live – ARIA Concert SeriesI Am MeI Don't Want to Want You
I Go to SleepInsidiouslyJimmy Hogarth
Judge MeLady CroissantLentil
Little Black SandalsLittle ManLosing You
LullabyMaddie ZieglerMadlove
Midnight DecisionsMoonMove Your Body
Natale's SongNever Gonna Leave MeNumb
Oh FatherOhh (Dynamite)One Million Bullets
One More ShotOnlySeeOnlySee (song)
PicturesPlaygroundPuppies Are Forever
Quit YouRainbowReaper
RewriteSamuel DixonSanta's Coming For Us
SatisfiedSea ShellsShadow
Shia LaBeoufSiaSia Wiki
Sia discographySnowflakeSnowman
Sober and UnkissedSome People Have Real ProblemsSoon
Soon We'll Be FoundSpace BetweenStephanie Mincone
Stop TryingStoriesStraight for the Knife
Summer RainSundaySunshine
Sweet DesignSweet PotatoTV Is My Parent
Take It to HeartTaken for GrantedThe Bully
The Church of What's Happening NowThe Co-DependentThe Conversation 1
The CornerThe FightThe Girl You Lost To Cocaine
The Girl You Lost to CocaineThe GreatestThe We Meaning You Tour, Live at the Roundhouse 27.05.2010
The We Meaning You Tour (Copenhagen 12.05.2010)This Is ActingThis Shit (song)
TitaniumToy BoxTripoutro
TrippyUnderneath The MisletoeUnstoppable
Untangle YouWe Are BornWe Can Hurt Together
Where I BelongWyatt RockerYou've Changed
You Have Been LovedZero 7
File:1000 Forms of Fear cover.pngFile:Alive cover.pngFile:Amazon.png
File:Arrow-down.pngFile:Arrow-right.pngFile:BangMyHead (1).png
File:Best of sia.jpgFile:Big Girls Cry cover.pngFile:Bird Set Free cover.png
File:Breathe Me cover.pngFile:Bring Night cover.pngFile:Burn the Pages cover.png
File:Buttons cover.pngFile:Bye Bye Bye - Sia feat. Chad FischerFile:Chandelier cover.png
File:Cheap.jpgFile:Cheap Thrills Remix (feat. Nicky Jam) - Single.jpgFile:Cheap Thrills cover.png
File:Clap Your Hands cover.pngFile:Colour the Small One cover.pngFile:Community-header-background
File:Communitylogo.pngFile:Day Too Soon cover.pngFile:Day Too Soon cover maxi-single.png
File:Don't Bring Me Down EP.jpgFile:Don't Bring Me Down Single.jpgFile:Don't Bring Me Down cover.png
File:Don't Bring Me Down cover alt.pngFile:Dont Bring Me Down EP Cover.jpgFile:Drink to Get Drunk cover.png
File:DuskTillDawnCover.jpgFile:Déjà Vu.jpgFile:Edit-pencil.png
File:Elastic Heart cover.pngFile:Everyday Is Christmas Album Cover.jpgFile:Example.jpg
File:Eye of the Needle cover.pngFile:Favicon.icoFile:Fire Meet Gasoline cover.png
File:Fire Meet Gasoline cover alt.pngFile:Google play.pngFile:Greg Kurstin.png
File:Healing Is Difficult cover.pngFile:Hold Me Down cover.pngFile:IMG 5030.JPG
File:IMG 6791.JPGFile:ITunes.pngFile:ITunes Live from Sydney cover.png
File:ITunes Live – ARIA Concert Series cover.pngFile:I Am Me (Demo)File:Icon-facebook.png
File:Icon-youtube.pngFile:Jimmy Hogarth.pngFile:Lady Croissant cover.png
File:Little Man cover.pngFile:Maddie Ziegler.jpgFile:Mainpage-about.png
File:Mainpage-otherwikias.pngFile:Mainpage-poll.pngFile:Numb Sia
File:One Million Bullets cover.pngFile:OnlySee cover.pngFile:Paper Bag Sia.jpg
File:Reaper cover.pngFile:Samuel Dixon.pngFile:Shia Labeouf.jpg
File:Sia, TV Is My Parent cover.jpgFile:Sia - "Don't Bring Me Down" Official VideoFile:Sia - Alive
File:Sia - Big Girls Cry (Official Video)File:Sia - Breathe MeFile:Sia - Buttons
File:Sia - Chandelier (Official Video)File:Sia - Cheap Thrills (Lyric Video) ft. Sean PaulFile:Sia - Cheap Thrills (Performance Edit)
File:Sia - Clap Your HandsFile:Sia - Day Too SoonFile:Sia - Diamonds (Piano Version)
File:Sia - Diamonds (Songwriting Process)File:Sia - Elastic Heart feat. Shia LaBeouf & Maddie Ziegler (Official Video)File:Sia - Fire Meet Gasoline (by Heidi Klum)
File:Sia - Free MeFile:Sia - Free Me (2007 Demo)File:Sia - I'm In Here
File:Sia - Losing You (2007 Demo)File:Sia - PicturesFile:Sia - Santa's Coming For Us
File:Sia - Soon We'll Be FoundFile:Sia - The Corner (2006 Demo)File:Sia - The Girl You Lost to Cocaine
File:Sia - The GreatestFile:Sia - Untangle You (Snippet)File:Sia - You've Changed
File:Sia Free Me Cover.jpgFile:Sia Numb.JPGFile:Sia Sunday Video
File:Sia live.jpgFile:Sia performing live.pngFile:Sia portrait.png
File:Some People Have Real Problems cover.pngFile:Some People Have Real Problems cover alt.pngFile:Soon We'll Be Found cover.png
File:StephanieM.jpegFile:TGYLTC Cover.jpgFile:Taken for Granted cover.png
File:The Greatest cover.jpgFile:The Hamilton Mixtape cover.jpgFile:The We Meaning You Tour, Live at the Roundhouse 27.05.2010 cover.png
File:The We Meaning You Tour (Copenhagen 12.05.2010) cover.pngFile:This Is Acting (Deluxe Version).jpgFile:This Is Acting banner.png
File:This Is Acting cover.pngFile:This Is Acting cover target-exclusive.pngFile:This Shit (2003 Demo)
File:Titaniumsong.jpgFile:Toy Box (2017 Demo Vocals)File:Unreleased placeholder.jpg
File:We Are Born cover.pngFile:Where I Belong cover.pngFile:Wiki-background
File:You've Changed cover.png

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