OnlySee (stylized onlysee) is the debut studio album by the Australian singer & songwrirer Sia Furler, which was released on December 23, 1997. Unlike her later albums, OnlySee was marketed under Sia's full name, Sia Furler.

Background Edit

Following the disbandment of Crisp in 1997, Sia signed onto Flavoured Records in Australia and started to work on her first album. The album was produced by Jesse Flavell, who also had been contributing to the album's songwriting. The album was recorded in under three weeks[1] and had little to no promotion.

Charts Edit

The album also failed to chart, with only selling 1,200 copies, 1,000 of those copies were sold in Adelaide alone[2]. Sia, unhappy with the album's faliure, moved to London and started providing the lead vocals for the popular, English downtempo group, Zero 7. She later signed onto Sony Music's sub-label Dance Pool, and started working on her soon-to-be second studio album, Healing Is Difficult. The song "Soon" was re-recorded and renamed as "Sober and Unkissed" for Healing Is Difficult. OnlySee is currently out of print.[3]

Track listing Edit

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Don't Get Me Started" Sia Furler 5:33
2. "I Don't Want to Want You" Jesse Flavell · Furler 5:02
3. "OnlySee" Furler 4:14
4. "Stories" Furler · Flavell 4:40
5. "Madlove" Furler 1:13
6. "A Situation" Furler 4:21
7. "Shadow" Furler 3:47
8. "Asrep Onosim" Furler 6:01
9. "Take It to Heart" Furler 4:37
10. "Beautiful Reality" Furler 4:31
11. "Soon" Furler · Flavell 2:39
12. "One More Shot" Furler 3:36
13. "Tripoutro" Furler · Flavell 2:01
Total length: 52:15

References Edit

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