[[Category:{{{type}}} albums]]TV Is My Parent Is Sia's second live album and concert by Sia released on 19th May 2009.

The DVD features Sia's concert in the Hiro Ballroom in New York City and featured four music videos and behind the scenes footage.

Reception Edit

TV Is My Parent won the 2009 ARIA Music Award for Best Music DVD. Sia commented 'I so didn't expect to win. I didn't even have my shoes on. Am I the first person in ARIA history to accept an award shoeless?'

Track Listing Edit

1. "Buttons"
2. "Little Black Sandals"
3. "Lentil"
4. "Day Too Soon"
5. "Sunday"
6. "Destiny"
7. "Breathe Me"
8. "Electric Bird"
9. "You Have Been Loved"
10. "Academia"
11. "The Girl You Lost To Cocaine"
12. "Distractions"