I can't tell you which city I'm going to be travelling from when I arrive at my Chicago hotel to do my breathing-peeing experiment in front of kids, but what I can say is that where I live has plenty of bridge overpasses as most cities do, and once when I was riding my bike and I was out of breath with a full bladder I was riding over the walkway section high above kids beneath the bridge who I didn't know were under there and I had thin shorts on and started to piss accidentally through my thin shorts because the fast breathing was pushing on my bladder causing me to pee and I failed to focus on closing my bladder tightly because I was trying to pay attention to the sidewalk to avoid the big pieces of trash and glass left on there. When I began peeing through my thin shorts I accidentally peed a stream right down into one of the kids' mouths that was below me. I didn't know he was under there until I heard loud spitting and he went running home yelling after he saw me peeing off of the side. A short time later as I was racing to get out of the area in a flash I heard police sirens. If somebody doesn't bring any kids for me to do this breathing-peeing experiment in front of at the listed date, time and place I plan to jump off of a bridge to kill myself, maybe even the same bridge!

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